Last week restoration work finally began on an early Banksy mural, that had been accidentally painted over in 2007.

The mural, which resides inside a former Glasgow nightclub, was painted by the elusive artist in 2001, as part of the ‘Peace is Tough’ exhibition. It features a full length Mona Lisa partially framed, a gun-toting monkey sporting a tutu and the words “Every time i hear the word culture I release the safety on my 9mm”, which sits between the two.

Unbeknown to many of the party goers, this early work by Banksy has sat behind a layer of grey emulsion for over 10 years, after it was accidentally painted over in 2007 during renovation work to The Arches nightclub on Argyle Street.

Banksy Mural

Banksy mural in Glasgow nightclub (image credit

The nightclub went into liquidation in 2015, and the venue has now been taken over by new owners who want to save the works of art for the nation. This is great news for all art lovers, as it was previously thought the works would be lost forever, due to financial restraints.

The restoration is being carried out by the London organisation Fine Art Restoration Co (FARCO), who specialise in the restoration of wall paintings. Chris Bull, the technical director of FARCO, has said the mural is the only known works by Banksy in Scotland with any provenance. Therefore, although the job will be time consuming, it will be greatly rewarding as it has great importance to the country.

Banksy mural is in the process of being uncovered (image credit

The process of uncovering the artwork is said to take around 5 months, as experts will have to carefully remove the paint in stages. A projector will help guide the restoration experts by projecting the original mural onto the wall revealing where the artwork lies beneath. It will be a complex job as a combination of solvents will have to be used to soften the emulsion before it is stripped back. While the chemicals used must be neutralised, so that the art work does not sustain any damage.

Once the restoration is complete, the works will be put on permanent display.

Arguably the most controversial street artist in the world, Banksy has produced a number of  great works over the decades. One of which is currently available at Trinity House.


Golf Sale by Banksy

Golf sale is another early piece by the british artist, and is one of his first ever prints. Banksy has transformed an iconic image of political protest into a commentary on consumer culture. The original photo documents a protestor who stood before a line of four tanks, before being dragged aside by fellow protestors.

This print is made in Banksy’s signature stencil technique. This is the style of working that made Banksy famous, through his politically charged graffiti art in London and Bristol in the 1990s and early 2000s.


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