Whether you are starting a collection of artwork or expanding an existing one, works of art just became that much more affordable with the introduction of Own Art and Own Art Plus at Trinity House.

Own Art is a Creative United programme run in partnership with Arts Council England that makes buying contemporary art more affordable, by letting you spread the cost of your purchase over 10 months, with an interest free loan.

We offer two types of own art loans at Trinity House. Own Art which allow you to borrow from as little as £100, up to a maximum of £2,500, for the purchase of works of art by living artists. Whereas,Own Art Plus is for your more valuable pieces of art ranging from £2,501 to £25,000, allowing you to choose from a wider range of artwork, as it includes all art work produced by artists born after 1900.

We have a great variety of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures available on Own Art Plus at Trinity House. Below are some of our favourite pieces available on the scheme, and a breakdown of the monthly instalments.

Colour Notes Collage by Sandra Blow

Colour Notes Collage is a fantastic piece painted by Sandra Blow, just a year before her death. This monumental pair of collages were the epitome of her use of materials and their deployment. Collage was central to the Blow’s processes and her technique was to some degree sculptural, in that her canvases combined both painted and constructed elements.

The cost of the paintings are £22,000 but could be split into 10 interest free monthly instalments of £2,200.

It is also possible to pay a deposit at the start, in order to make your monthly payments more affordable. For example, you could pay an initial payment of £5,000, leaving £17,000 to be split into 10 monthly payments of £1,700.

Close Run by PJ Crook

This intriguing piece ‘Close Run’ by artist PJ Crook can be bought on an Own Art Plus loan also. The cost of the painting is £18,850, and could be split into 10 interest free monthly instalments of £1,885.

St. Tropez by Lucien Neuquelman

St. Tropez by Lucien Nequelman is another fabulous piece we have at Trinity House, eligible on the Own Art Plus scheme. The painting cost £25,000, but again could be split into 10 monthly instalments of £2,500.

There are many more spectacular pieces of work available on Own Art and the application is simple. Once you’ve found a piece of art work that you love, simply let us know that you’d like to apply for an Own Art loan to finance your purchase. You can walk away that very same day with your new purchase, and the first monthly payment will be debited from your account around 4 weeks after you signed the agreement.

For more information please contact us [email protected]com Tel: 01386 859 329