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Investing in the Best of Art History

Investing in the Best of Art History Undeterred by economic turmoil, collectors globally are paying record sums for top-quality works. Now an alternative investment as part of a portfolio of assets, art is considered amongst traditional investments such as property or stocks and shares. Here at Trinity House, we feel that there is a balance to be struck between art as an investment and art for enjoyment. It is important to personally engage with the artwork as part of its true value to enrich [...]


Rare Aspen

We are delighted to announce we will exhibiting at this years Rare Aspen Show at the Aspen Ice Garden. About Rare Aspen About Showcasing carefully curated collections in a modern [...]

  • Peter Lanyon origional artwork

Peter Lanyon: Inspiration in the air

Peter Lanyon: Inspiration in the air For five years the artist Peter Lanyon soared, getting a bird’s eye view of the Cornish coastal landscape he loved. This new found hobby of Lanyon's was [...]

  • Masterpiece 2019


We are delighted to announce we will returning to this years Masterpiece Art Fair at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. About Masterpiece This month, swarms of art collectors, curators [...]

  • visiting broadway cotswolds

Visiting our Cotswold Galleries

At the heart of the Cotswolds lies the quaint, picture-postcard village of Broadway. Peacefully dwelling at the base of the Worcestershire hills in a region of England that is nationally recognised as an Area [...]

Works that inspire us: celebrating world art day

We all have our favourite work of art; whether it’s a painting that means something to you personally, a sculpture that inspires happy memories, or a series that you just couldn’t stop thinking about, [...]

  • Alan Davie Original artwork for sale

The Life and Work of Alan Davie

Undeniably Alan Davie is one of Scotland's most internationally recognised artists, and 5 years after his death we take a look at the life and work of the great modern artist. Throughout [...]

  • gallery opening tiburon

New Gallery to open in San Francisco

Join us for the grand opening of our new San Francisco Gallery this April. Saturday 27 April 4pm-8pm Located in the exclusive town of Tiburon, just across the bay from [...]

  • pencil artworks

Pencil artworks at Trinity House

This National pencil Day we take a look at the history of the pencil and explore some fantastic pencil drawings at Trinity House. Often considered a secondary form to oil paintings, pencil drawings were [...]

  • andy warhol for sale

Andy Warhol: 6 Things you didn’t know

As a pioneer and central figure of Pop Art, not only did Andy Warhol influence numerous artists, but he also left his mark on Hollywood. However there is a lot more to the artist [...]


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