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For many artists, their mothers were their first unofficial art teachers, whether they provided actual instructions or encouraged their creativity by example. 

We learn from art history that Dorothea Sharp’s mother took her to Paris on the advice of George Clausen where she was enthralled by the works of the Impressionist painters. It is widely known that Vincent van Gogh’s mother was an artist and that she shared her love of nature, drawing and watercolours with her son. Andre Brasilier was also blessed,  his mother Alice studied at the Royal College of Art and greatly influenced his talent.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, there’s no better time to examine pieces with women as the main subject, some have a quiet strength, others a sense of vibrant energy. Please enjoy our selection…

Dorothea Sharp - Mother and Child


Oil on canvas
17.7 x 14.6 inches
Signed ‘Dorothea Sharp’ (lower right)

Dorothea Sharp - Mother and Child, Mothers Face
Dorothea Sharp Mother and Child Closer Look
Dorothea Sharp - Mother and Child Signature

Dorothea Sharp believed colour to be as important as form in the creation of a work and painted quickly with a heavily loaded brush. These ideas and techniques were learnt in Paris where she became influenced by the Impressionists, particularly by Monet. She was well known for her paintings of women and children, like with this intimate scene of a mother and child which would be a lovely addition to any collection.


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