Masterpiece London 2018 at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, 28th June – 4th July.

The Masterpiece Art Fair has grown this year, allowing for a new layout and a larger exhibitor capacity. 160 of the world’s top art galleries, including Trinity House Paintings, will be showcasing their finest works of art, design, furniture and jewellery at this years unmissable event. It is a great opportunity for new and established collectors to discover exceptional works for sale, across a range of price points and across every major market discipline.

Masterpiece has become well known for its thoughtful presentation of rare and individual pieces, from a range of eras. You will find a mix of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities displayed along side iconic 20th century and contemporary design, as well as fine examples of illuminated manuscripts and medieval and Renaissance jewellery.

External view of the venue, Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Last year our stand attracted some great intrigue. We had many exceptional pieces on display, one of which was by artist Samuel John Peploe, and was instantly appealing to our visitors for its uniqueness. Peploe is renowned for his still life work often depicting inanimate objects in great colour, however this painting was unusual for the artist as it was a nude painting of more muted tones. Not only that, but the piece was even more unusual due to its size, stretching a staggering 40 inches across and was the only one of its style at Masterpiece. Another piece we had on display last year, that was also unusually large, was ‘Portrait de M. et Mme. Louis Rouart’ by influential impressionist painter Edgar Degas. The painting depicts Monsieur and Madame Louis Rouart. Louis was the fourth son of Henri Rouart, who was a close friend of Degas. Both paintings turned heads making it another successful year at Masterpiece for the gallery.

Reclining Nude by Samuel John Peploe on display at Masterpiece 2017

This year we have more intriguing pieces of art that we are excited to be displaying at the renowned London art fair. One piece we are particularly excited about is Lewis R. Tomalin by, William Orpen. The Irish born artist often painted portraits of Edwardian society, as well as of soldiers during WWI and is know as an official war artist.

Lewis R. Tomalin by William Orpen

Another piece we are looking forward to displaying is Capri View by Ivan Federovich Choultsé. In this stunning seascape, Choultsé has captured the beauty of a glistening Mediterranean coastal scene. It is thought that this painting depicts the Southern Italian coast, either Sorrento or Capri. These were landscapes he returned to time and time again, especially that of Capri where he often painted the same vista at different times of day, a technique reminiscent of Claude Monet.

Capri View by Ivan Federovich Choultsé

We will also be displaying work by renowned artist Marc Chagall. The theme of dance and the circus became one of Chagall’s favourite subjects during his early years in Paris, and remained so throughout his career. His experience and memory of clowns, acrobats and young ladies on horseback lay at the heart of this personal mythology. He joined a long and distinguished line of Impressionist and Modern painters who featured the dance and the circus in their work, including Degas, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Rouault, van Dongen and Léger.

La Danse, 1976-77 by Marc Chagall

All pieces of art work on display at Masterpiece have been through an extensive authentication process, and this piece above, La Danse by Chagall , has been confirmed by the Comité Chagall. Each participating exhibitor has a well considered set of rules and regulations they must comply with, and every piece of artwork is vetted by a team of leading international specialists. This is to ensure it is in good condition, fairly labelled and worthy of exhibition at Masterpiece. As well as this, all work is screened against The Art Loss Register’s database of lost and stolen art. The combination of  world­class exhibitors together with the high standards set by vetting is paramount to the success and excellence of the Fair, giving confidence and clarity to all who visit.