As the New Year begins to unfold, we are delighted to unveil our forthcoming exhibition at Trinity Modern. We will be welcoming Lisa Kristine, one of America’s foremost humanitarian photographers, based in San Francisco.

“Lisa Kristine’s images take us behind the veil to the atrocities of slavery. To respect human dignity for those from every walk of life, we must embrace our unique role in upholding the precepts of equality, belonging and purpose. When we do so, together, we can enact powerful change.” –

Sir Richard Branson

Through her work, Kristine wishes to encourage a dialogue about the beauty, diversity and hardship of our inter-locking world. Her works are powerful and thought provoking, challenging the way we view the modern world.

“Bearing witness to true beauty that belies the evil within the souls of men, surely is the first act of true liberation. Lisa Kristine’s images are a testament to truth and an insightful and inspiring body of evidence which should never and can never be denied.”

 David Clarke, Tate Modern – Head of Photography 2004-2013

The exhibition begins in Broadway Modern on Thursday 8th February and will continue until Saturday 24th February. For information about the preview or artworks on display please contact Noah.