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Trinity Modern is delighted to be joined by Steve Ponty for the launch and signing of his second upcoming book – The Secret Shire Of Cotswold – as part of Broadway Arts Festival 2020.

Steve has spent over 10 years researching the settings Professor Tolkien turned from reality in the Shire counties into fantasy fiction. It is the map reversal that serves as the true inspiration for these well known and much acclaimed works, translated into virtually every language worldwide. The Lord of the Rings is the biggest selling book of the 20th century.

In Steve’s upcoming new launch, the journey of Frodo and his friends is traced from Hobbiton (Chipping Norton) to Rivendell (Great Malvern), with Steve bringing to life all the places, rivers and features that they encounter.
This is so much more than a trail of place names, with the history of the sites fundamental to their naming: many names are built up from Welsh root words: Car-dol-an represents the Cotswolds, Rhud-aur shows the Golden Valley about Stroud, whilst by a build-up from English, Steve takes Fornost to stand for Birmingham.
The book is also a kind of guide book to Mother-earth.  In this latest one, the reader will learn more about the Cotswolds and their history than they ever knew before.

By reversing the Map of the Shire and looking at it back to front, Steve has identified the Cotswolds and many other parts of the Four Shires (Worcester-, Gloucester-, Oxford-, Warwick-, ) marked on the stone just outside Moreton-in-Marsh, and used by Professor J. R. R. Tolkien as his model for the Three Farthings Stone in Lord of the Rings. This is just one of countless secrets of geography hidden in the epic story.

Steve Ponty Book Launch: The Secret Shire of Cotswold


Steve Ponty was born in Pontypridd, Wales. With a languages background including the learning of Welsh and Latin, the ‘Author’ studied classical literature and poetry… and law at Cambridge. Steve practised law in the City of London for ‘far too long for his own good.’

He researched the topography of the mid-shires of England from about 2006 and, to his staggerment, unearthed J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Shire’ by close comparison between the maps of Middle- and Mother-earth, and started writing it down…


Come and join us from Friday June 5th @ 9.30AM – Sunday June 7th 2020 to celebrate the launch of Steves new book launch: The Secret Shire of Cotswold

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