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Exhibition – 4th October – 27th October 2018

This Autumn we are excited to welcome back Astor Milan Salcedo to our Mayfair gallery.

Astor’s great variety and depth of experience taught him many techniques which free him to express his inner feelings via diverse methods. By applying multiple layers with a variety of tools such as brushes, squeegees, different spatulas – and even by hand – Astor invites observers to dive into a multitude of colours and to explore endless forms and shapes on canvas, paper and with photography.

His insatiable curiosity for politics, society and the arts are the sources of his creations. Astor’s two foremost topics are – the imperative balance between mankind and nature (a vital aspect in our everyday lives) – and our constant emotional struggle to reach personal happiness which is eminent but differing in every culture and society.

Embracing his positive approach to life, his abstracts are lush in colour and invigorating for both mind and soul.

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