Trinity Wish List

Trinity Wish List

‘Painting is just another way of keeping a diary’ by Pablo Picasso

We have been advising buyers and sellers since 2005.

Whether you are an experienced art collector or just starting out, we’ll work closely with you from the very beginning to understand your needs.

We have a thorough working knowledge of the art market here in the United Kingdom, Europe and in the United States.

Let us use our knowledge to locate and offer a choice for you from availability across the world.

Let us help you write the pages….

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    Trinity Wish List


    We have built up a strong reputation for the quality of the paintings, drawings and sculpture that we curate, exhibit and sell. Working with you, we will strive to find your ideal piece, whilst providing expert guidance and impartial advice in buying art and building your collection.

    Having access to an international network of private collectors, art dealers and auction houses, we can evaluate, advise and implement the most appropriate and beneficial way in which to sell your paintings.

    Trinity House Paintings exhibit at a number of the most prestigious art fairs and shows in the World.
    We also hold contemporary and traditional exhibitions throughout the year at our gallery locations in London, the Cotswolds, Boston, San Francisco and New York. So, if you would like to discuss your current collection or artwork or any potential artists work you are looking to collect, then do not hesitate to get int ouch with our gallery experts who will give you advice and help guide you through all of the works available.

    For more information about your Trinity Wish List or our recent online exhibitions then contact us on…

    +44 (0)207 499 8958 | +44 (0)1386 859 329 | [email protected]