• Reclining Lady

    by Paul César Helleu

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 19.0 x 30.0 in./  48.3 x 76.2 cm SIGNATURE: Signed “Helleu” center left MEDIUM: Crayon and graphite on paper  
  • Boats in a port

    by Hilda Clements Hassel

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 22 x 18 ins (56 x 46 cms) SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Watercolour on paper
  • French Harbour

    by Emile Laborne

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 10.8 x 15.0 in./ 27.4 x 38.1 cm SIGNATURE: Signed 'Emile Laborne' (lower right) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 22.0 x 32.0 in./ 55.88 x 81.28 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Lake at Sunset, 1934

    by Gottfried Kallstenius

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 24 x 28.5 in./ 61 x 72 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Dancers in the dressing room, c. 1895

    by Arnaldo Ferraguti

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 17.50 x 25.12 in./44.45 x 63.80 cm SIGNATURE: Signed 'A. Ferraguti' (lower right) MEDIUM: Chalk and pastel on paper laid down on card Depicting five young ballerinas, Dancers in the dressing room, c.1895 is a prime example of Arnaldo Ferraguti painting a subject he loved. This soft yet vibrant piece shows the young girls getting ready to dance, concentrating hard on their actions. Ferraguti’s use of bright colours lends a lovely sense of warmth to the composition. The dressing room is drawn softly and hazily to direct attention to the figures, who have been outlined faintly in black. The central figure helps one of the other girls to get dressed, inviting the viewer to question the relationship between these children and imbuing the scene with a comforting quality.  
  • Ritratto di Giovane Signora

    by Giovanni Boldini

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 7.00 x 7.25 in. / 17.78 x 18.42 cm SIGNATURE: Signed 'Boldini' (lower right) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas Ritratto di Giovane Signora is a rare early portrait by the Italian master Giovanni Boldini from 1863-65. In this work a beautiful young woman stares knowingly out towards us. The black of her dress, which engulfs her body, is a stark contrast to her unblemished white skin. She is presented against a grey background in a formal portraiture composition, which gives reference to traditional portraiture while simultaneously beckoning in a new style for the genre. The empty background signals Boldini’s early style in which he quickly painted small portraits that focused upon the image of the sitter. With just the lady’s face to hold our attention all detail is on how it expresses her personality. With light illuminating on her face, we are given a real insight into Boldini’s skill in transforming portraiture in his early Tuscan years.
  • Unloading Fish, Sunrise Dieppe

    by Eugène Galien-Laloue

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 18.25 x 25.75 in./46.36 x 65.41 cm SIGNATURE: Signed (lower left) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas  
  • Jeune Femme Blonde

    by Paul César Helleu

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 36.00 x 32.00 inches (91.44 x 81.28 cm) SIGNATURE: Signed MEDIUM: Pastel In this elegant portrait by Paul Cesar Helleu, a young woman stares softly at the viewer, lightly meeting their gaze. The gentleness of the portrait is reflected in the loose gestural draughtsmanship of Helleu. This looseness and ease of depiction suggests that the work was finished in situ, rather than through a series of studies, which is how Helleu preferred to work. The appearance of a chair in the lower right hand corner suggests an informal setting, and implies that the artist was well-acquainted with the sitter. A further softness is brought to the work by the use of chalk and by the harmony of three main colours; green, yellow and peach. Furthermore, the use of peach on the sitter’s blushing cheeks and lips combined with her bright blue eyes give her an angelic look.
  • Femme aux Lilas, 1892

    by Louis Anquetin

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 25.51 x 21.14 ins 64.80 x 53.70 cms SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Saint Tropez

    by Lucien Neuquelman

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 23.5 x 31.8 ins/ 59.7 x 80.8 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas In this work Neuquelman has used his characteristically bright palette and energetic, short brushstrokes, to create this view of Saint Tropez. Neuquelman very much enjoyed painting landscapes, not only in the South of France but also views of Paris and Brittany. A Parisian gallery organised a retrospective of his work in 1945. Rather than mixing the colours on a palette, the colours have been applied onto the canvas separately. In the foreground the contrasting colours of green, blue and red help to add a sense of depth to the canvas, just as the red and orange used in the sea contrast with the blue, creating a sense of depth and movement to the water’s surface.  
  • Les Grands Boulevards

    by Eugène Galien-Laloue

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 8.25 x 11 in. / 20.96 x 27.94 cm SIGNATURE: Signed (lower left) MEDIUM: Watercolour  
  • Château à Bièvres

    by Lucien Adrion

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 72.00 cms x 58.00 cms (28.35 ins x 22.83 ins) SIGNATURE: Signed MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
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