Wendy was born in Birmingham and studied Art and Design at Redditch College of Art. From there Wendy went on to Birmingham University where she achieved a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art and Textile Design.

Although abstract, the composition of Wendy’s paintings is very deliberate with the colours and shapes meticulously planned prior to painting.

Wendy creates highly textured surfaces by layering oils, water based paints and mixed media whilst including her signature small and large dots. These are said to symbolise Wendy and the people who are close to her. To finish her canvases, Wendy applies a glass-like resin coating which serves to enhance the colour and the texture within the surface of the painting.

Wendy’s work is a result of her love and passion for texture and colour. The strong movement of colour, the line and space draws the viewer in and into a ‘Dreams Journey’.

Of her work, Wendy says:
“The depth and richness of colours, composition and form in my work represents emotions, not only my emotions and feelings, things that have happened to me past and present, but also feeling and situations that all of us can relate to at some point in our lives.”
“I am an inveterate romantic and have a passion for beauty and nature which never fails to show itself within my work.”

Wendy has always been influenced by Claude Monet and his mesmerizing palette, the bold confidence of Mark Rothko and the beauty of texture and patterns from Gustav Klimt.

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