Pure Evil was born as Charles Uzzell Edwards in South Wales, in 1968. He grew up in anrtistic household, with his father being an artist ,demonstrating a range of influences from cubism to minimalism, from Matisse to Chagall. In the 1990’s Edwards went to San Francisco where he began working as a designer for a clothing label. It was here that he produced many a t-shirt desig whilst of course, discovering Street art.

Inspired by the initial influence of Twist and Reminisce, with a dose of skate culture thrown in, Pure Evil graced freeways with “Dump Bush” slogans and tagged gun stores as “Murderers.” But there was one image he couldn’t fulfill with graffiti or sketches–Pure Evil longed for “dirty London and so returned home to London and began spraying his  signature tag of rabbit with large fangs.

Not long after this Edwards met the people involved with Banky’s Project “Santa’s Ghetto”, his art began to have a darker look and produces his first prints with Pictures on Walls (POW).

During these last years, Charles Uzzell-Edwards has been traveling all around the world hosting expositions in countries like China, Brazil, Russia and also the whole European continent. Success during these times has been such that has allowed him to open in 2007 his own art gallery in London’s Shoredich. In this place, the artist shows his own work as well as other artists’, and there he finds his space for artistic creativity, both in visual arts and music.

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