PJ Crook is a featured contemporary artist with Trinity House Paintings. She is local to our Broadway gallery, residing and working in Gloucestershire. PJ’s art is however internationally renowned with a high repertoire of global exhibitions since the 1970s, her recent exhibitions include the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art in Japan and the Museum of Gloucester, each attracting record attendance.

PJ Crook received significant recognition of her contributions to art in 2011 when she was awarded an MBE. She has also had the honour of being invited by the Royal West of England Academy this October to hold a solo exhibition, a very exciting event in her upcoming calendar.

Art magazine described her paintings as having “a highly distinctive style with extraordinary technical mastery. No contemporary artist is more accomplished at depicting perspective or depth of field.” The Independent adds “witty, menacing, enigmatic, playing games with the eye and the imagination”. PJ places great importance to the viewer, and she certainly has a way of inviting them into each painting, get lost in her imagination with her exclusive range at Trinity House.

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