Lucien Neuquelman, French oil pointillist, began studying at the Art School of Toulon. He moved to Paris, and went on to meet French Fauvist Othon Friesz, of whom he became a pupil and learned both the colour theories of the fauves and the more sombre palette of Chardin, Poussin and Corot whom Friesz also admired. Particularly in Neuquelman’s work it is apparent that he had absorbed ideas of strong compositions and solid, voluminous forms. In 1930 he entered l’Académie de la grande Chaumière, in Montparnasse in Paris.

Using his characteristically bright palette and energetic, short brushstrokes, Neuquelman enjoyed painting landscapes and views of Paris and Brittany. A Parisian gallery organised a retrospective of his work in 1945.

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