John Steven Dews is a maritime artist that was born in Yorkshire in 1949. The continued desirability and critical acclaim that his work achieves places him as one of the most successful living maritime artists in the world.

Following his graduation, Dews built up an astonishing portfolio for his first exhibition in 1976 and, on the exhibition’s first night, virtually his entire collection was sold. The following year he held an exhibition in San Francisco which also sold out. Since then, he has continued to exhibit at leading art galleries in London and around the world.

The Marine Board of New South Wales commissioned from Steven Dews a record of the Australian Bicentennial Celebrations, and in 1994 the New York Yacht Club chose him to record their 150th Birthday Regatta at Newport, R.I. The Royal Yacht Squadron commissioned Dews to paint a record of the 2001 America’s Cup Jubilee Regatta and have repeated this honour for their 200 year celebrations. Dews is well known for his dramatic America’s Cup paintings, and was commissioned to paint all of the America’s Cup regattas Alinghi raced in.

This acclaim is echoed in some remarkable prices achieved at auction for his work. In a sale of Maritime Art in London on April 28th 1999, his original entitled ‘Off Cowes’, sold for a phenomenal price for a living marine artist. His current auction record is believed to be his spectacular canvas of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2012. This painting is one of the largest the artist has ever created, with dimensions of 40 x 66 inches, and took seven years to complete.

Dews lives and loves the subject he paints. When he is not painting maritime scenes, Dews can be found on the sea himself, as he is a highly experienced yachtsman. Today he lives in New Zealand, and  sails around the world in his boat.

Dews brings his knowledge of sailing to the composition and detail of his paintings. This, together with a mastery of technique to capture wind, sea and sky has raised his work to be highly prized amongst collectors.

Many owners from around the world have commissioned portraits of their favourite yachts. He is now commissioned for several years in advance. For more information about commissioning an original painting by John Steven Dews, please contact us at [email protected]

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