Georges Marie Roussin was a French artist who was born in 1854 at Saint Denis-de-la Reunion, Algeria. He came from an artistic family, with his mother being Elizabeth Petit and his father, the artist Antoine Roussin who in 1855 co-founded the Society of Arts and Sciences of La Reunion, on the island of Bourbon, France. His father, was a sargent in the Marine Corps and when he was sent to the Island of Bourbon he discovered an old lithographic press, which began his interest in art.

Accordingly, at a young age Georges was sent on a scholarship by the colony to Paris where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. During this time he frequented the studio of the Brabazon painter Jean-Francois Millet who was known for his Realist depictions of peasant farmers attending their land and crops.

During his time in Paris Georges was taught by Jules-Joseph Lefebvre, Millet and Alexandre Cabanel. He exhibited at various academies and won a Gold Medal at Rouen in 1884. He won a Silver Medal at the Salon in 1920. Georges was a popular painter in Paris during his lifetime, preferring to depict fashionable subjects such as nudes, history paintings, oriental scenes and of course, portraits.

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