Frits Lucien Ohl (1904-1976) was a painter whose works were mostly of Indonesian landscapes and Asian panoramas. He was a skilled artiste, watercolourist, and draughtsman in the style reminiscent of the late of GP. Adolfs. He worked in a colourful and impressionistic manner, depicting Indonesian landscapes and culture, often using his palette knife.

Lucien Frits Ohl was born in 1904 in Indonesia and he lived and worked in Palembang, Sumatra. He worked throughout Indonesia in Jakarta, Palembang and Yogyakarta until he left Indonesia to work in the Hague in 1954. He painted in the style of Gerard Pieter Adolfs’ late period.  He produced illustrations of Indonesia for JC Hamel’s Soldatendominee (Hague 1948). He has exhibited in Jakarta, The Hague and the Ethnological Museum Nusantara in Delft. The artist died in 1976.

Most of his works are now found in the collection of the Volkenkundig Nusantara Museum, Delft in the Netherlands.

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