Emma was educated privately in Scotland and England before going on to study at The Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing at Oxford. She arrived at a time when a thorough grounding in the necessary disciplines of painting and drawing were central to the course.

She has worked in many figurative fields and primarily forged her reputation as a painter through portrait painting. Her paintings are in numerous collections, and her clients come from all walks of life- from medicine, law and business to theatre, sport and academia.

In 2003 Emma was awarded the Garrick/Milme Prize for her portrait of the actor Tim West, which is now on permanent display in The Garrick.

(“ It is a commonplace observation that a portrait is a painting in which there is something wrong with the mouth, the eyes or the nose, but with Miss Kennaway there is seldom any such problem, for not least of her qualities as a painter is a quite remarkable gift for catching and fixing a likeness.” William Packer Art Critic- Financial Times.)

About four years ago she decided on a change of focus and became fascinated with horses. In 2012 she showed in The Cavalry and Guards Club. Last September she was invited to show her work in The Royal Stables in Jordan.

She currently has work showing in Jumereih Hotel in Knightsbridge, she is finalising a commission from the Royal Cavalry in Oman and has a drawing in The Duke of Edinburgh’s private collection.

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