Dorothea Sharp was born in Kent and is best known for her landscapes and naturalistic studies of children. She studied at the Regent Street Polytechnic and also in Paris. There she studied under Castaluchio, from whom she states, ‘she learnt all she knows’. It was the work of Claude Monet, however, that was to have a profound and lasting effect on her art, resulting in the highly impressionistic and spontaneous style that she was to adopt for the rest of her life.

In 1903 she became an Associate of the Society of Women Artists, becoming a full member five years later. She was also elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 1906 and 1923 respectively. Sharp exhibited at The Royal Academy from 1901-1948 and lived for most of her life in London. She held her first one-woman show at the Connell Gallery in 1933, which proved a great success and was constantly attended by admiring visitors.

Influenced by the work of the Impressionists, the clarity of light, her unusual use of colour, and her free brushwork all combined to emphasize her significant role in the development of twentieth century British art. Her works are now exhibited in museums throughout the world.

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