Carl Johansson was a Swedish artist renowned for his Impressionistic landscapes.  In line with the Impressionists, colour and light command Johansson’s works, and this piece is by no means an exception.

Lakes were a popular subject matter for Johansson, as the water is a brilliant means of reflecting the beautiful Swedish light. The muted palette and soft pastel tones of this piece make it a very calming work, whilst the mirroring of pink tones in the sky and on the water’s surface add a lovely sense of harmony to the scene.

Born in Sweden in 1863, little is known of Johansson’s early career. When he was a teenager the Impressionist artists and their art had reached a global scale and their influence is very apparent in his oeuvre. With Johansson’s penchant for landscapes and natural scenes, it is likely that he adopted the Impressionist method of paintings outside or en plein air, directly onto the canvas.

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