Antonietta Brandeis was a Czech-born Italia painter who is known for her landscape, genre and portrait paintings.

In Brandeis’ early life she studied in Prague under the guidance of the Czech artist Karel Javurek. However, after the death of Brandeis’ father her mother married a Venetian, named Giovanni Nobile Scaramella. The marriage had a profound influence on Brandeis’ work as shortly after the marriage the family relocated to Venice. It was in Venice that Brandeis was enrolled into the Venetian Academy of Fine Arts at the age of nineteen, in 1867. Furthermore, Antonietta Brandeis was one of the first females in Italy to be enrolled into the Academy and receive formal training in the fine arts. It is significant and a testament to her level of skill that she was accepted into the Academy in 1867, as women in Italy were only granted the legal right to study Fine Arts in 1875 – Brandeis would have completed her education at the Academy by this time, as a pioneer of females in the arts.

During her time at the Venetian Academy of Fine Arts Brandeis was taught by high profile figures such as Michelangelo Grigoletti, Napoleone Nani and Federico Moja. Due to her level of skill, as a first year Brandeis was awarded prizes and honors in Perspective and Life Drawing. Furthermore, Brandeis was soon invited to exhibit in her first exhibition at the Societa Veneta Promotrice di Belle Arti. Additionally to this, in 1876 and 1877 she exhibited in the Promotrice Veneta, selling to foreign collectors and thus successfully establishing herself an international reputation for her landscape paintings. However, after feeling her work was not appreciated for being of the same skill calibre as a man – as she was only praised as a woman, she began to sign her work under the name ‘Antonio Brandeis’.