Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel was born at Genet in France on 19th May, 1839. He studied painting and was greatly influenced by the famous French artist Meissonier who painted detailed military subjects.

During the 19th century people developed a vivid fascination for the past. This was particularly true in France where memories of the recently deposed monarchy were still strong and the political situation was volatile. Paintings emphasized the human qualities of the subjects and in Lesrel’s works he alludes to the paternal qualities of the monarchy by painting the King’s men at ease in their domestic situations.

Lesrel gives us an intimate and nostalgic glimpse of the past. His cavaliers are exquisitely painted with every attention paid to detail. His colours are rich and vibrant and his rendition of luxurious is outstanding.

The artist was elected to the Society of French Artists in 1885 and he received an award from them in the Exposition Universelle in 1889. He became an Associate of the Salon Nationale de Beaux-Arts in 1890 and regularly exhibited his works there.

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