• 5619-Constantini-the-green-hat

    The Green Hat

    by Virgilio Costantini

    Costantini began his artistic career in 1904 undertaking studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo under the guidance of the sculptor Mario Rutelli. There are numerous exhibitions in which he participated: in 1905 in Turin, in 1906 at the Universal Exposition in Florence and again in Florence in 1907 where he exhibited 'Fiore di Campo' and 'On the beach', shortly before moving to France. In 1908 he made his debut at the Paris Independent Living Show with two works and became a member of the French National Fine Arts Society. He returned to Italy in 1910 and participated in the IX Venice Biennale with 'Breton' and 'La cucitrice'. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 127.0 x 78.7 cm/50.0 x 31.0 ins (framed) 160.8 x 111.8 cm/63.3 x 44.0 ins SIGNATURE:Signed 'V. Costantini' (lower left) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas  
  • 5654-antonietta-bradeis-A view of Posillipo, Naples

    A view of Posillipo, Naples

    by Antonietta Brandeis

    'Antonietta Brandeis lived in Venice for many years. She devoted herself mostly to landscapes of the city and its surrounding countryside. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 6.9 x 9.4 in./17.5 x 24.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed 'ABrandeis' (lower right); inscribed (verso) MEDIUM: Oil on board
  • Pair of European Landscapes

    by François Louis Thomas Francia

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 3.3 x 5.0 in./ 8.4 x 12.7 cm SIGNATURE: N/A MEDIUM: Watercolour  
  • Mischievous

    by Charles Sims

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 29.00 x 36.00 in./73.7 x 91.4 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas This beautiful painting sees Charles Sims demonstrating his incredible talent, depicting two young children frolicking on the beach. He was a highly regarded artist having won the Royal Academy Schools Silver Medal in 1893 and the Landseer Scholarship in 1895.
  • Montague Dawson tea clipper
    DIMENSIONS: (unframed)19.0 x 20.0 in./48.3 x 50.8 cm SIGNATURE: Signed and dated lower right MEDIUM: Gouache on paper
  • DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 24.0 x 20.0 in./61.0 x 50.8 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Laurenskertk, Rotterdam

    by Adrianus Eversen

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 9.0 x 7.0 ins/ 22.9 x 17.8 cms SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • 4603 Henry Stannard - Broadway Village Green - Unframed

    Broadway Village Green

    by Henry John Sylvester Stannard

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 10.2 x 14.6 in/ 26.0 x 37.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Watercolour
  • 4602 - Henry Stannard - Lower Slaughter Post Office, Gloucestershire - Unframed

    Lower Slaughter Post Office, Gloucestershire

    by Henry John Sylvester Stannard

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 10.2 x 14.6 in/26.0 x 37.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Watercolour
  • 4632 Petrus van Schendel - The Night Market - Framed 4632 Petrus van Schendel - The Night Market - Unframed
    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 26.0 x 20.0 in/ 66.04 x 50.80 cm MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • 4697 - James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Thames Warehouses 1859 - Framed WEB 4697 - James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Thames Warehouses 1859 - Unframed WEB

    Thames Warehouses, 1859

    by James Abbott McNeill Whistler

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 2.75 x 7.75 in/ 6.98 x 19.68 cm SIGNATURE: Signed and dated ‘Whistler.1859’ MEDIUM: Etching on wove paper In this wonderful etching, Whistler depicts a view of the river Thames showing the Hermitage Coal Wharf and other wharves in Wapping. On the left, the warehouses have signs which read “Fred Vink &Co / Rope & Sail Makers / Smith & Son / Hermitage Coal Wharf.”, hinting at the maritime industry. Down the shore on the right a warehouse sign reads “Hore’s Wharf.” This is a busy scene with several sailing ships and lighters. The Coal Wharf later became the Hermitage Steam Wharf, from where the London and Edinburgh Shipping Company ran regular services to Leith.
  • A Woodland River Landscape

    by Leon Richet

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 15.75 x 19.75 in./40.0 x 50.17 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Oil on artist-board
  • Still Life fruit on a shelf

    by Giovanni Estienne

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 23.0 x 24.5 in./ 58.42 x 62. 23 cm SIGNATURE: Signed and dated on shelf MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • La lettre

    by Delphin Enjolras

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 27.56 x 20.08 in./ 70.0 x 51.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Pastel
  • Girl Sewing with a Pink Apron

    by Charles Spencelayh

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 30.00 x 19.75 in./ 76.20 x 50.16 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • A Pinch of Snuff

    by Charles Spencelayh

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 16.50 x 13.50 in./41.91 x 34.29 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Watercolour
  • Ludlow at Night

    by Mark Senior

    Mark Senior is most remembered for his portrayal of the fishing community of Runswick and Staithes. His contemporaries were, Gilbert Foster, Harold and Dame Laura Knight, Frederick William Jackson, James William Booth (who was Senior’s pupil) Owen Bowen, Arthur Friedenson, Frederick William Mayor, Charles Mackie, and Roland Henry Hill who said of Senior, ‘he was one of the men for whom everybody had a great deal of affection and he regularly helped his fellow painters in a practical way’. Mark Senior was certainly entitled to the comparatively rare description of a colourist, for there was never a false note in his colour schemes which to the end of his career grew in richness and the prismatic quality sunlight can give. Dimensions: (unframed) 61.59 cms x 50.80 cms /24.25 ins x 20.00 ins Signature: Signed (lower right) Medium: Oil on canvas
  • DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 36.00 x 28.00 ins 91.44 x 71.12 cms SIGNATURE: Signed and dated 1874 MEDIUM: Oil on canvas Along with his brother Henry, Walter created many detailed and naturalistic street, river, and cityscapes of England. They studied life drawing with M. Barthe at Limerston Street in Chelsea where they met James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) in 1863. Walter was captivated by Whistler’s artistic style and way of life. The Greaves brothers developed a friendship with Whistler and served as his assistants and pupils. Walter Greaves recalled, “We used to get ready his colours and canvasses, prepare the grey distemper ground which he so liked working upon, and painted the mackerel-back pattern on the frames.”
  • Figures in a Park

    by Luigi Loir

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 13 inches x 18 inches / 33.02 x 45.72 cm MEDIUM: Oil on canvas  
  • Perplexed

    by Charles Spencelayh

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 26.0 x 40.0 ins/ 66.0 x 101.6 cm SIGNATURE: Signed (lower right) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
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