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19th Century Art at Trinity House


In the West, the 19th century witnessed major social and technological upheavals, spurred in large by the Industrial Revolution and correlating trends: urbanisation, frequently poor working and living conditions, and territorial expansion by emerging global superpowers. In this period, artistic patronage shifted increasingly towards the capitalist bourgeoisie and national academies, with a rising profile for art dealers and critics. The hub of Western artistic activity was Paris, and the French Academy and Salon represented the establishment, favouring Neoclassicism at the beginning of the century and later Romanticism.

Social and political commentary appeared in the history paintings of Théodore Géricault […]

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George Stubbs: The man behind the horse


George Stubbs: The man behind the horse

In his own lifetime, Stubbs was known as ‘Mr Stubbs the horse painter’, a somewhat derogatory label he challenged with dogged determination. This month we take a look at the life and work of the great British equine painter, along with a wonderful piece by Stubbs that we are delighted to have at our gallery.

Early Life

Born in Liverpool in 1724, George Stubbs was the son of leather-dresser John Stubbs and wife Mary. In his early years George worked […]

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Visiting our London gallery


Bordering leafy Hyde Park, Mayfair is an upscale district of elegant Georgian townhouses, exclusive hotels and gourmet restaurants. Its world-famous retailers include bespoke tailors on Savile Row and designer fashions on Bond Street. Shoppers also head to high-end Burlington Arcade and Shepherd Market, a cluster of independent boutiques and traditional pubs.

It is also home to our London gallery, where we host a number of exhibitions throughout the year. Discover everything you need to know about visiting our London Gallery below, including travel information, great places to eat and stay and more.

Our London Gallery


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Rare Aspen


We are delighted to announce we will exhibiting at this years Rare Aspen Show at the Aspen Ice Garden.

About Rare Aspen


Showcasing carefully curated collections in a modern design world, Rare Aspen offers an elevated experience unmatched by any other. The show will feature a hand selection of the most prominent sellers of antique jewellery, art and objects.

Show Dates & Times

Tuesday July 9……………………………………..1:00pm – 4:00pm

Wednesday July 10, 2019…………….…….10:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday July 11, 2019………………….……10:00am – 6:00pm
Friday July 12, 2019…………………….………10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday July 13, 2019………………….…….10:00am – […]

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Peter Lanyon: Inspiration in the air


Peter Lanyon: Inspiration in the air

For five years the artist Peter Lanyon soared, getting a bird’s eye view of the Cornish coastal landscape he loved. This new found hobby of Lanyon’s was the inspiration behind some of his most famous artworks, however it also came to be how he met his early death. This month we take a look at the life of the great british artist, his love of gliding and the artworks he created.

Early Life

Peter Lanyon in St Ives Studio (1954)


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We are delighted to announce we will returning to this years Masterpiece Art Fair at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

About Masterpiece

This month, swarms of art collectors, curators and dealers are due to descend on Masterpiece London, one of the finest cross-disciplinary art fairs in the world, to make the rounds and see what’s on view. Since 2010, the intimate fair, held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, has featured 150 exhibitors of fine art, and with a careful juxtaposition of disciplines, the fair offers visitors the opportunity […]


Jeremy Houghton Exhibition to begin this weekend


Jeremy Houghton Summer Exhibition


Our Trinity Modern gallery is currently alive with colour, in the form of some exceptional new artworks by British artist Jeremy Houghton. Throughout this summer we are delighted to be exhibiting Houghton’s work as part of our summer exhibition. Discover more about the artist, exhibition and artworks available below.

About Jeremy Houghton

Jeremy Houghton is a British artist whose work attempts to capture extraordinary journeys. With a […]

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Visiting our Cotswold Galleries


At the heart of the Cotswolds lies the quaint, picture-postcard village of Broadway. Peacefully dwelling at the base of the Worcestershire hills in a region of England that is nationally recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Broadway is a beautiful and historic village ideal for those who love picturesque landscapes, excellent cuisine, and rich cultural heritage. We are delighted to call Broadway the home of our head office and modern gallery.

The image of Broadway today remains as it has done for centuries; a charismatic spectacle of rolling wolds, overlooking a gathering of ancient honey coloured limestone period buildings […]

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Dame Laura Knight: 6 Thing’s you didn’t know


Throughout her life, Dame Laura Knight was popular with fellow artists and the public alike and she remains one of Britain’s favourite artists to this day.

Best known for painting amidst the world of the theatre and ballet in London, and for being a war artist during the second world war, Dame Laura Knight produced a number of fantastic works over the course of her career. The widely popular and successful artist, often painted people in action in a robust, realistic style, and was able to compete with the […]

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Everything you need to know about the Chicago Antiques, Art & Design Show


We are delighted to announce we will be exhibiting at the Chicago Antiques, Art & Design Show again this May.

The show which is now in its 3rd year, is this spring’s most glamorous destination for all things interior. Spanning May 16 – 19, expect four days of some of the most spectacular examples of fine art, antique furniture, vintage and antique jewelry, and decorative objects from the 17th to 20th centuries, all situated in gallery settings across the seventh floor of the Merchandise Mart.

Kicking off this […]

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Works that inspire us: celebrating world art day


We all have our favourite work of art; whether it’s a painting that means something to you personally, a sculpture that inspires happy memories, or a series that you just couldn’t stop thinking about, some art just stays with you.

This year to celebrate World Art Day the Trinity House Team talk about their favourite artworks.

Mark Lambert

Commercial Director

+44 (0) 207 499 8958
[email protected]

Favourite Artwork:

The Meet
By […]

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The Life and Work of Alan Davie


Undeniably Alan Davie is one of Scotland’s most internationally recognised artists, and 5 years after his death we take a look at the life and work of the great modern artist.

Throughout his life, Davie obsessively drew and painted, producing paintings of startling originality, and vitality. Combining imagery derived from different world cultures with a love of music and language, Davie’s paintings are a complex yet joyous celebration of creativity that combine the expressive freedom of abstraction with a wealth of signs, symbols and words.

Born in Grangemouth, Scotland in 1920, Davie went […]

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New Gallery to open in San Francisco


Join us for the grand opening of our new San Francisco Gallery this April.

Saturday 27 April


Located in the exclusive town of Tiburon, just across the bay from San Francisco, the gallery is the latest opening by Trinity House Paintings.  The space will feature a cross section of works by exciting new British contemporary artists alongside other more prominent names such as Andy Warhol, Andre Brasilier and Edgar Degas.

We do hope you are able to join us for an evening of  art, wine and champagne […]

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Pencil artworks at Trinity House


This National pencil Day we take a look at the history of the pencil and explore some fantastic pencil drawings at Trinity House.

Often considered a secondary form to oil paintings, pencil drawings were rarely seen as anything but a starting point for the creative process, and were rarely shown or displayed. However, as times changed and a more democratic approach to visual arts developed along with the changes in society, drawings slowly reached gallery spaces and were sometimes displayed along with the developed studies in other materials.

Artists such as Pablo Picasso, Egon Schiele and […]

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Andy Warhol: 6 Things you didn’t know


As a pioneer and central figure of Pop Art, not only did Andy Warhol influence numerous artists, but he also left his mark on Hollywood. However there is a lot more to the artist than his signature look and colourful screen prints.

Andy Warhol is best known for creating iconic Pop art paintings of Campbell’s soup cans and Marilyn Monroe in the 1960s. The legend of Andy Warhol only continues to grow over the years, and his impact on the art world is difficult to overstate. Here are some eccentric facts […]

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Modern British Art at Trinity House


In an era characterised by industrialisation, rapid social change, and advances in science, the mid-20th century welcomed a search for new modes of expression in art that better reflected the realities and hopes of modern societies.

Given the recent growth of the Modern British art market, we have selected three highlights from our collection. These works by Mary Fedden, Peter Lanyon and Sandra Blow showcase the variety and breadth of Modern British art and explore why it is so appreciated today.

Peter Lanyon

Climb Out, 1964


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Trinity House helps support local young Athletes


We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Cotswold Athletes Support Scheme & Friends (CASS & Friends).

Trinity House will be sponsoring the charity, in order to provide financial help for aspiring sports stars aged between 12 and 18. Training, attending events, buying equipment and obtaining specialist advice can be very expensive, and there is little support available to help with the costs, therefore we are delighted to help Cotswolds great young athletes with access to equipment, coaching, sports camps, competition fees, travel and accommodation costs.

The charity was set up in 2015 by a group of friends […]

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Palm Beach Show 2019


We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show this February. 2019 marks the 10th year we have exhibited at the show, and we are excited to be showcasing works by Henri Le Sidaner, Raoul Dufy, Giacomo Balla and Marc Aldine along with other 19th Century, Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Modern Artists.

We do hope you are able to join us at booth 700/801.



View Collection

We are excited to share with you the full collection of works we […]

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Salvador Dali: 6 Things you didn’t know


Salvador Dalì is one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century, however there is a lot more to the artist than his surrealist art work and trademark moustache.

Eccentric, divisive and visionary are just a few words to describe Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, and it’s hard to say if there are any number of words that could encapsulate his complex extravagance. With a colourful past and an extensive body of work, there’s so much to learn about the surrealist painter. Discover 6 interesting things about Salvador Dalì that you […]

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Trinity House Forthcoming Exhibitions


We have a number of forthcoming exhibitions this year, in the UK as well as USA, that we are excited to share with you.

We would love to see you there, so save the date and find out more information about where you will find us exhibiting our finest works of art, over the next 6 months.

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show

13TH – 19TH FEBRUARY 2019

We are delighted to be returning to the 16th annual Palm Beach Jewelry Art […]

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The colourful life of Beryl Cook


refusing to paint the sinister aspects of life, Beryl Cook’s depictions of happy, flamboyant, and extroverted characters have become instantly recognisable and highly sought after.

Born in Egham, Surrey in 1926, Beryl was one of four sisters. Unfortunately, her parents separated when she was young and her mother and sisters moved away from her father to Reading. It was here, at the age of 10,  that she met her future husband, her next door neighbour John Cook.

Beryl attended school in Reading, however she left at the age of […]

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New for 2019


Discover the new contemporary artists we are excited to introduce for 2019.

Bartholomew Beal

Bartholomew Beal is one of Britains’s brightest new talents, and his energy filled work is beginning to appear in collections around the world. Since graduating from Wimbledon College of Art in 2012, the artist has achieved great success, and even became the youngest artist in 138 years to stage a solo show at the Fine Art Society with his critically acclaimed paintings based around TS Elliot’s ‘The Wasteland’.

Beal’s work incorporates the intrinsically mystical and theatrical qualities of […]

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Newlyn School Artists at Trinity House


Introducing our collection of work from the Newlyn School Artists.

Based in the fishing Village of Newlyn, adjacent to Penzance Cornwall, the Newlyn School was an important chapter in the history of British impressionism. The area’s spectacular scenery has attracted visiting artists since the early 19th century, and in the 1880s, numerous British painters began to arrive in Newlyn, many of whom had trained in Paris or Antwerp. In Newlyn they found a similar source of inspiration, but closer to home and with a direct rail link to London.

Newlyn Harbour, […]
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The Life and Work of Édouard Leon Cortès


Edouard Léon Cortès was a French Post-Impressionist artist of French and Spanish ancestry. Born into a family of artists, his father, Antonio Cortés Cordero, was a painter at the royal court of Spain. In this artistic atmosphere, Cortès showed exceptional talent early on, and decided at a young age that he was destined to be a painter.

In his youth, Cortès trained at his father’s studio, and was also given advice and encouragement from his brother, who was also an artist and other local artists. Before undergoing his formal education at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, […]

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Looking Back at the Artist William Orpen on his Birthday


This November we take a look at the life of painter Sir William Orpen, one of the most prolific war artists of WWI.

William Orpen was born on 27th November 1878, in Stillorgan, Ireland. He had a privileged childhood, and grew up with his parents and siblings in their large family home, with extensive grounds containing stables and tennis courts. Both his parents were amateur painters, so it was no surprise when Orpen enrolled at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art, at the age of thirteen. During his six years at the collage, Orpen won […]

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Naive Art at Trinity House


Despite being seen as an outsider art, the Naive art movement has produced some excellent artworks and we are delighted to share our collection of Naive art at Trinity House

Before the 20th century, in its most basic sense naive art was any form of visual art created by a person who lacked the formal education and training a professional artist undergoes. Naive art could easily be dismissed as art that’s created by people who don’t know what they are doing, however that undermines the raw creativity found within artworks of this movement.

Characterised by a childlike […]

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Cologne Fine Art 2018


We are delighted to announce we will be exhibiting at Cologne Fine Art this November.

Cologne Fine Art 2018, will once again be held at the Koelnmesse exhibition centre this autumn. The fair will show extraordinary exhibits from around the world from Thursday 22nd November to Sunday 25th November. From Far Eastern sculptures and exotica of the past and present, to American design classics and young contemporary positions of painting and photography, Cologne Fine Art unfolds a kaleidoscopic dialogue fed by the most varied art genres, eras and style, and invites discovery.

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Sir Kyffin Williams: The Man Behind the Landscape


Born in Llangefni, Anglesey, on 9 May 1918, Sir Kyffin Williams became one of the most defining Welsh artists of the 20th Century.

Best known for his depictions of the Welsh countryside, shepherds and their sheepdogs, livestock, and small villages, Kyffin Williams grew up on the island of Anglesey, situated on the north coast of Wales. With its beautiful sweeping hills and stunning coastline it is no wonder Williams became so inspired by the Welsh countryside.

Williams was educated in Shropshire, at Moreton Hall School and later Shrewsbury School. However, during his time at […]

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The San Francisco Fall Art and Antiques Show


We are delighted to announce we will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show again this October.

The show which is now in its 37th year, is the oldest and most prestigious show of its kind on the West Coast. Presenting the finest international art and antiques dealers from across the globe, this fall art and antiques show is a must-see destination for collectors and enthusiasts of art, antiques and design. The show represents a great range of fine and decorative arts representing all styles and periods, including furniture, silver, ceramics, glass, […]

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This autumn we welcome back contemporary artist Astor Milan Salcedo, for his latest exhibition floating colours.

Astor has held a number of sell out exhibitions with Trinity House in recent years, and we are excited to welcome him back to our London gallery this October. The exhibition will preview on Wednesday 3rd October, and will continue until Saturday 27th October.

Floating Colours explores the relationship of both dark and light juxtaposing this with contrasting colours and complete absence of colour. Working in a style that is synonymous with the artist, the picture’s surface […]

Astor Salcedo: FLOATING COLOURS EXHIBITION2022-01-20T11:29:18+00:00

Neil Helyard Exhibition


Trinity House Paintings are delighted to announce the launch of the new collection by the talented british artist Neil Helyard.

For the past four years Trinity House has had the pleasure in working with the artist Neil Helyard, whose contemporary portraits have both become a familiar and popular face within the gallery. We are proud to be working with Neil again in his September solo show.

Neil has become one of the most successful contemporary artists that we have had the honour in representing at Trinity Modern. The exhibition aims to emulate […]

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The Lost Artwork of 9/11


Along with almost 3,000 lives, it is thought that over $100m of artwork was also lost on the tragic day of September 11 2001.

The day of 9/11 is one that not only shook the United States, but one that shook the world. It saw the loss of almost 3,000 lives and two of the worlds most iconic buildings wiped from the New York skyline and reduced to rubble. However, tens of thousands of records, irreplaceable historical documents and works of art were also lost in the attack. And over a decade later, it is still […]

The Lost Artwork of 9/112022-01-20T11:29:19+00:00



We are delighted to be exhibiting at the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair in London this September.

Since its inception in 2009, the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair has grown to become a foremost international showcase for art and antiques, as well as one of the most prestigious events on the London social calendar.

100 exhibitors present work from across the art, antiques, design and decorative arts spectrum. Including jewellery, furniture, carpets, tapestries, antiquities, clocks, ceramics, silver and fine art, authenticity is assured thanks to a 70-member specialist committee pre-vetting everything on sale. With […]

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Introducing Nicholas Chaundy


Trinity House are please to introduce the talented contemporary portrait artist and figurative painter Nicholas Chaundy.

Nicholas first studied art at Central St Martins where he received his Foundation Diploma in Fine Arts and then moved to Falmouth, Cornwall to study Fine Arts at Falmouth University. Here, having received no prior formal training Nicholas used the three-year programme to fully immerse himself in the world of fine art, reading about, practicing and discovering the techniques of traditional painting and drawing that had been used for hundreds of years.

After graduating, Nicholas moved to Bristol where he began […]

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The Life of Humanitarian Photographer Lisa Kristine


19th August marks World Humanitarian Day and World Photo Day, so it only seems right that we take a look at the astonishing life of Humanitarian Photographer Lisa Kristine.

Kristine has spent the last 30 years documenting the most beautiful people, cultures and landscapes. She seeks out communities that are often undiscovered by the western world, and captures fascinatingly beautiful portraits of these indigenous cultures. Travelling to more than 100 countries, on six continents, the fine art prints she has produced over the course of her career, are now the most sought after and collected in the […]

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Restoration begins on Banksy mural hidden for over a decade


Last week restoration work finally began on an early Banksy mural, that had been accidentally painted over in 2007.

The mural, which resides inside a former Glasgow nightclub, was painted by the elusive artist in 2001, as part of the ‘Peace is Tough’ exhibition. It features a full length Mona Lisa partially framed, a gun-toting monkey sporting a tutu and the words “Every time i hear the word culture I release the safety on my 9mm”, which sits between the two.

Unbeknown to many of the party goers, this early work by Banksy has sat behind […]

Restoration begins on Banksy mural hidden for over a decade2022-01-20T11:29:20+00:00

Looking Back at Christopher Nevinson on His Birthday


Not only is Christoper Nevinson famous for his landscape paintings but he is also one of the most famous artists of WWI

Born in Hampstead, North London on 13th August 1889 Christopher Nevinson initially studied at the Slade School of Art, where he befriended Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the leader of the Italian Futurists, as well Percy Wyndham Lewis. As a result Nevinson became one of the first British artists to show an interest in Futurism and Cubism, and his work was included in the Dore Gallery’s 1913 exhibition, ‘Post-Impressionists and Futurists’. However, this was short-lived as Nevinson […]

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Jeremy Houghton: Wildlife, Wimbledon & War Heroes


Broadway’s own Jeremy Houghton has achieved great success over the years and this year is certainly no different.

It’s hard to believe this successful artist nearly didn’t pursue a career in art at all. In the early 90’s Jeremy was studying for a degree in law, at the University of Exeter, after following advice to get a ‘proper job’. However after spending most of his time at university in the back of his camper van which he used  as a mobile studio, he soon realised he would only be truly happy doing what he loved. He finished […]

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Masterpiece 2018: London Art Fair


Masterpiece London 2018 at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, 28th June – 4th July.

The Masterpiece Art Fair has grown this year, allowing for a new layout and a larger exhibitor capacity. 160 of the world’s top art galleries, including Trinity House Paintings, will be showcasing their finest works of art, design, furniture and jewellery at this years unmissable event. It is a great opportunity for new and established collectors to discover exceptional works for sale, across a range of price points and across every major market discipline.

Masterpiece has become well known for its […]

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PJ Crook – Immortals, men & beasts – Exhibition to open 21st June 2018


This June we welcome PJ Crook for her solo exhibition; Immortals, Men and Beasts.


The Cheltenham born artist and sculptor, will be showcasing her work at our Trinity House Paintings Broadway Gallery, from 21st June – 16th July. The exhibition will include paintings in her renowned style, beautifully depicting grotesque crowds, as well as assemblages that magnificently overspill their frames. Over the course of her career, PJ’s paintings have been showcased worldwide, in countries as diverse as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Estonia, giving her an international reputation and following.

Back home in her Cotswold surroundings, […]

PJ Crook – Immortals, men & beasts – Exhibition to open 21st June 20182022-01-20T11:29:21+00:00
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