La Table sur la Terrasse au Clair de Lune, Villafranche-sur-Mer, 1927

by Henri Eugene Augustin Le Sidaner


DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 28.75 x 36.25 inches (73 x 92.1 cm)
SIGNATURE: Signed ‘Le Sidaner’ (lower left)
MEDIUM: Oil on canvas

Henri Le Sidaner was a French painter best known for his Intimiste—or intimate portrayals of domestic interiors using Impressionist techniques—depictions of quiet street corners and gardens. Sidaner utilized uneven, dappled brushstrokes to create atmospheric and glowing light in his paintings.


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    Henri Le Sidaner worked in the realist style, but his love of penumbra and twilight create a poetic and dreamy quality to his technical expertise. There is also undoubtedly an influence of optics on Le Sidaner’s work. The atmosphere of his paintings, whether they are landscapes or still lifes result from both his delicate style of painting and his choice of subjects.

    Le Sidaner said that no landscape was worth painting unless it was enhanced by some play of light. He experimented with all sources of light, including sunlight, sunset and the illuminating “clair de lune”. The son of a sea captain, he was drawn in particular to the play of light on water.

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