Chromatic Fold/ Green, blue

by Julian Stanczak

A pioneer in the perceptual art movement, painter Julian Stanczak built his life around seeking answers to questions about color, light, form and the way the expression of those things affected the human eye and emotions.

Stanczak, a 1954 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, also devoted himself to helping young artists discover what they alone could bring into the world.

Over the decades, Stanczak delved deeply into studies of light waves and the effects that colors had on each other in juxtaposition. With help from his father-in-law, he built a machine to cut rolls of tape to any width so he could mask off portions of his canvases to achieve edge precision. His studio was a festival of colors mixed with great care, allowing him as much control as possible over the experience of light and feeling on the part of the viewer.

DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 55.9 x 55.9 cm/22.0 x 22.0 ins
SIGNATURE: Signed (verso)
MEDIUM: Acrylic and collage on canvas

Catalogue No: 5954 Categories: , ,

A leading artist of Op Art, Stanczak created from the 1960s a dynamic and joyous oeuvre. The term Op Art itself was coined by The Times after his first major show, Julian Stanczak: Optical Paintings, held at the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York, 1964 where his paintings, full of colour and optimism, gave nothing of his traumatic childhood.

Stanczak deployed repeating forms to create compositions that are manifestations of his visual experiences. Stanczak’s work is an art of experience, and is based upon structures of color. In the 1980s and 1990s Stanczak retained his geometric structure and created compositions with bright or muted colors.