• Hermann Armin von Kern (14 March 1838 – 18 January 1912) was an academic painter, one of the most popular Austrian genre painters of his time and a court painter at the court of Franz Josef I in Vienna. Dimensions: (unframed)48.0 x 32.0 cm (18.9 x 12.6 ins) Signature: Signed (lower centre0 Medium: Oil on panel
  • As a marine artist, Cooke worked under the painter Clarkson Stanfield making drawings of nautical details and studied onboard the West Indiaman Thetis and HMS Agamemnon.  In 1833 Cooke began painting in oils. He took formal lessons from James Stark in 1834. He emulated nature and the works of Richard Parkes Bonington and began exhibiting at the Royal Academy and the British Institution from 1835. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1851 and was made a Royal Academician in 1863. Dimensions: (unframed)9.50 x 13.5 ins / 24.13 x 34.29 cms (each) Signature: Each signed and dated 1848, both with artist’s seal verso Medium: Oil on board
  • The Jazz Club

    by Raymond Moretti

    Raymond Moretti was a French abstract painter. Combining Hebrew letters, lines, and colors he created dynamic works, which flit in and out of abstraction. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 25.50 x 32.50 ins / 64.77 x 82.55 cms SIGNATURE: Signed (upper right) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Whip

    by Michael Thacker

    Michael uses natural forms as one of his primary references, seedpods, shells, fossils and plant buds. The idea that a form develops and grows from within a hard casing to burst forth and reveal a new appearance is paramount to his thought process. Unbalancing the original and juxtaposing taut polished geometric forms against roughly textured organic shapes that emerge from within. DIMENSIONS: 43.9 x 26.7 cm / 17.3 x 10.5 ins MEDIUM: Potoro Marble with Gold Leaf
  • Fishing with the Boys

    by Jeremy Houghton

    Jeremy’s paintings try and evoke a feeling of timelessness so you look at them and think, ‘Is this today or is it 100 years ago?’ Jeremy says of his own work, “When I go out for a day hunting or fishing I will take as many photos as possible but I am very keen not to be seen because I don’t want people to pose, I want them just to carry on doing what they do. I don’t want to be the focal point, I’m just in the shadows observing from a distance. It is the exact opposite of a selfie.” DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 370.0 x 70.0 cm/27.6 x 27.6 ins SIGNATURE: SSigned with monogram (lower left) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Deux nues Allongees

    by Jules Pascin

    Jules Pascin was a Bulgarian-born French Expressionist painter. Known under the pseudonym of the “Prince of Montparnasse,” Pascin mainly painted women, often nude or in stages of undress, in a fleeting, gestural aesthetic akin to the movements of Fauvism or Cubism. Dimensions: (unframed) 48.50 cms x 44.40 cms /19.09 ins x 17.48 ins Signature: Stamped Atelier Pascin (lower right) Medium: Pencil on paper
  • Circus Performer

    by Dame Laura Knight

    This lovely drawing is from a period in Knight’s career when she was fully established as an artist. As ever, she was engrossed with the art of performance, in particular with ballet and the theatre. Knight would spend her time sketching either in London’s many parks and gardens, or backstage at the Royal Opera House, favouring performances and rehearsals of the Bolshoi Ballet. Dimensions: (unframed) 50.0 x 35.0 cm/19.7 x 13.8 ins Signature: Signed ‘Laura Knight’ (lower right) Medium: Pencil on paper
  • This is a study for a picture of the same subject exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1904, no. 326. This is a prime example of David Murray working on rural subject matters, depicting this tranquil scene in Flatford, Sussex. Dimensions: (unframed) 60.96 cms x 91.44 cms /24.00 ins x 36.00 ins Signature: Signed David Murray (lower right) Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Summer: Late Afternoon

    by Peter Kuhfeld

    Kuhfeld is the only child of a German prisoner of war and an English classical pianist. Between 1972 and 1976 he studied at Leicester School of Art. He worked from 1976 to 1978 at Rugby School of Art, where he gave lessons in drawing and painting, before securing a place at the prestigious Royal Academy School of Art. During 1977-80 Kuhfeld studied under the painter Peter Greenham CBE, RA. In 1978 he was created a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Painters. While at the Royal Academy Schools Kuhfeld won various notable scholarships and prizes: 1978-79 David Murray Landscape Prize; 1979 Royal Academy of Art Silver Medal for Drawing, Royal College of Surgeons Dooley Prize for Anatomical Drawing; 1980 Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Scholarship and Richard Ford Scholarship for study in Spain. Dimensions: (unframed) 84.0 x 142.0 cm/33.1 x 55.9 ins Signature: Signed (upper left) Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Hotagen, Sweden 1928

    by Gottfrid Kallstenius

    This wonderful sunset painting is a charming and evocative rendition of an idyllic summer evening on a Swedish lake. It would make a lovely addition to any collection of Impressionist, Swedish Romantic or Landscape paintings.  Kallstenius is now represented at the National Museum in Stockholm, at the art museums in Gothenburg and Malmö and in a number of museum collections in Europe, South and North America. Dimensions: (unframed) 89.7 x 116.8 cm/35.3 x 46.0 ins Signature: Signed and dated 1928 lower right. Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Adrift (study), 2019

    by Martyn Jones

    Bright and often clashing colour has always played a fundamental role in Martyn Jones’ paintings. The artist has said that; “The importance of colour as a vehicle of expression in painting was impressed on me at an early stage of my development, by the British artist Patrick Heron. My work mainly adheres to, and is inspired by, European traditions in painting. My deepest influences lie in the work of Miro, Braque, Kandinsky and Heron”. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 41.5 x 46.7 cm/16.3 x 18.4 ins SIGNATURE: Signed, titled and dated 2019 verso. MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Dyf was famed for his impressionistic landscapes, still-lives, and portraits. His paintings had been exhibited throughout the world, with Shows in England, America, Canada, Germany and Algeria.  Today he is considered one of the last of the true Impressionist artists. Dyf died in September 1985. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 60.96 cms x 71.12 cms /24.00 ins x 28.00 ins SIGNATURE: Signed (lower right) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Penguins

    by Tony Berriman

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 18.0 x 24.0 in./45.7 x 61.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas   Penguins depicts a group of Magellanic Penguins, a species characterised by the presence of a broad crescent of white feathers extending from just above each eye to the chin, a horseshoe-shaped band of black feathers which cuts across the white feathers on the penguins chest, and a small area of pink flesh on its face. The Magellanic penguin is usually found on the Falkland Islands and nearshore islands along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of southern America, however, some have reached as far as Peru, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Gathering Wild Flowers

    by Alice Squire

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 21.0 x 6.3 ins/ 8.3 x 2.5 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Oil on canvas   Gathering Wild Flowers depicts a young girl gathering flowers within a lush scene of greenery. This work is an example of Alice Squire’s romantic scenes which simultanesouly evoke both a sense of tranquillity and nostalgia for a simpler past time.
  • Pink Moon, 2019

    by Leigh Glover

    Glover is known for observational painting in his portraits and landscapes. His new work Pink Moon develops his observation skills into abstract perceptions.  His love for the great outdoors and for the skies above allow him to draw on inspirational moments to produce these works of art. His new painting evolved by the wonder of how the moon can take your breath away transporting you from a personal scale to the much larger scale of the solar system.  Glover attempts to capture those inspirational moments by interacting with the viewer with paint, colour and geometry.  He hopes the painting will communicate a sense of wonder and peace. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 101.0 x 101.0 cm/39.8 x 39.8 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and dated 2019 (lower right). MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas
  • DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 11.0 x 13.0 in./ 27.94 x 33.02 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas   Kishio Murata is a well renowned abstract artist who hailed from Japan. Recently his work was featured in an exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey. Murata’s work is held today in the Museum of Fine Arts in Gifu, along other European artists such as Marc Chagall, Eugene Delacroix, Jasper Johns, Joan Miro, Paul Gauguin, Edvard Munch, Georges Rouault and Camille Pissarro.
  • Near Reigate, 1809

    by Walter Williams

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 24.0 x 42.0 in./61.0 x 106.7 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas   William’s work is characterised by his reoccurring subject matter of the romantic landscape. The work Near Reigate is such an example of this romantic landscape as the golden glow of the light baths the composition with two figures strolling into the unknown golden landscape.
  • Thomas Lucop 1834-1911 was a Hull painter and Master Mariner, friend and pupil of the Henry Redmore. He was a careful delineator of shipping and it’s activity helping to create the unique atmosphere in his work appreciated by ‘Sea going folk’ and admirers of marine paintings alike. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 39.4 x 59.7 cm/15.5 x 23.5 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and dated '87 lower left MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • In this work French painter, Guillard depicts a scenic view of the sun going down over a river. During the period this was painted, in the early 1920's, Guillard experimented with the pointillist and divisionist technique, executing a number of rare canvases of landscapes scenes painted with a square brush and very striking use of colour.
    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 152.4 x 101.6 cm/60.0 x 40.0 ins SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Mixed media on canvas
  • Olof Hermelin was one of the major Swedish landscape painters in the 19th century. The great love of his life was the landscape of central Sweden. After his education at the Art Academy of Stockholm, Hermelin traveled frequently to Paris between 1870-1875, the heart of European plein-air-painting. In France, he became familiar with the paintings of Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot and Charles-Francois Daubigny, the most famous landscape painters of the French "Barbizon School".  In Germany, Hermelin's works were firstly shown at the international exhibitions in Berlin and Munich Glass Palace from 1888 to 1900. The National Museum of Stockholm, the Art Museum in Gothenburg, the University of Uppsala and the Nordic Museum in Lund in Sweden bought works of Hermelin. In addition, among others, the University in Philadelphia has a work of the painter. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 61.0 x 81.3 cm/24.0 x 32.0 ins SIGNATURE: Signed lower right and dated 1876 MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Fleurs, 1930

    by Georges d'Espagnat

    Georges d'Espagnat was a French Post-Impressionist painter known for his depictions of nudes, still lifes, and landscapes. Made in the tradition of his mentor Pierre-Auguste Renoir, d’Espagnat believed that paintings should adhere to the formal concern of artists like Tintoretto, while also taking cues from nature. Born on August 14, 1870 in Melun, France, he moved with his family to Paris in the 1880s, where he studied the work of Old Masters in the Louvre Museum. He would go on to exhibit in the Salon des Refusés and in the company of Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard in the years that followed. During his career, the artist also illustrated books by the authors Alphonse Daudet and Remy de Gourmont. D’Espagnat died on April 17, 1950 in Paris, France. Today, his works are held in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, among others. Dimensions: (unframed) 45.7 x 38.1 cm/18.0 x 15.0 ins Signature: Signed lower left Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Pure Evil was born as Charles Uzzell Edwards in South Wales, in 1968. He grew up in anrtistic household, with his father being an artist ,demonstrating a range of influences from cubism to minimalism, from Matisse to Chagall. In the 1990’s Edwards went to San Francisco where he began working as a designer for a clothing label. It was here that he produced many a t-shirt desig whilst of course, discovering Street art. DIMENSIONS: (unframed)100.0 x 100.0 cm / 39.4 x 39.4 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and dated verso MEDIUM: Spray paint on canvas  
  • Rudolf Bauer was a highly important artist in the non-objective art movement in Germany and the United States. “Non-objective art,” aimed to break ties with the external world and depict an internal expression of a spiritual nature, encouraging a Utopian goal for art. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 14.2 x 10.7 ins/ 36.1 x 27.2 cm SIGNATURE: Signed ‘Rudolf Bauer’ (lower left) MEDIUM: Ink on paper
  • The Red Rug, 1992

    by Mary Fedden

    Mary Fedden’s appeal lies on her talking to your imagination and your memories, to the colours of the sea, to the rosy exhilaration of the landscapes or the tranquility of a cup of tea by the sea. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 19.0 x 24.0 cm/7.5 x 9.4 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and dated 1992 and inscribed 'for Joyce' MEDIUM: Gouache on paper
  • Crook was born in Cheltenham in 1945, where she still lives and works. Known for her paintings of crowds and people, Crook is prolific. PJ’s work is held in some of the world’s most prominent public and private collections and is considered in the highest echelons of British contemporary art. DIMENSIONS: (framed) 150.0 x 106.0 cm/59.1 x 41.7 ins SIGNATURE: Signed verso MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas
  • Jay, 1992

    by Mary Fedden

    Mary Fedden was an artist whose exquisitely executed paintings often take the form of a hybrid between a still life and a landscape. In these, a group of objects fruit, glasses, bottles, even cats – are depicted in fine detail in front of a striking background scene. These intriguing combinations illustrate the depth of vision, both in a figurative and literal sense, which Fedden portrayed in her work. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 15.0 x 23.0 cm/5.9 x 9.1 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and dated 1992 MEDIUM: Gouache on paper
  • Frederick Hall was a British artist whose work is characterised by his Impressionistic style, whilst concurrently focusing on the romantic subjects of landscapes, rustic subjects and portraits. He was a member of the Newlyn School in Cornwall.  It was during his time at the Newlyn School that his style shifted from focusing on the subjects of social realism to that of the impressionist mode. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 12.2 x 15.7 ins / 31.0 x 40.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Oil on board
  • The Fisherman

    by Walter Langley

    Politically left wing for his era, Langley was noted for his social realist portrayals of working class figures, particularly fishermen and their families. He was a supporter of Charles Bradlaugh, a radical socialist politician. His own working-class background enabled him to identify with the villagers and the hardships they endured, many of his paintings reflect this sympathy with the working-class fisher-folk amongst whom he lived. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 38.1 x 48.3 cm/15.0 x 19.0 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and dated '91 MEDIUM: Watercolour
  • Titania

    by Cathy Lewis

    Cathy Lewis’ work examines cultural identity, the importance of a cultural heritage and how this may be learnt and shared. Encouraging her audience to examine links between the past and the future, her works call into question how the future is consistently propped up by the past. DIMENSIONS: 15 ins high SIGNATURE: Signed at the base of the neck C.L 3/6 MEDIUM: Cast marble Edition 3 of 6
  • St-Raphaël

    by Jeanne Selmersheim-Desgrange

    Selmersheim-Desgrange lived and loved the area around St. Tropez –  and she replicated the relaxed atmosphere, the intense light, the brilliant earthen colors, dark tree silhouettes, and azure seas in her work as can be seen in this composition. Signac and Selmersheim-Desgrange lived in a small house in the South of France – “La Hune” and throughout her association with Signac, Jeanne was happy and most contented to stay in the shadows of “her great master.” DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 50.3 x 65.5 cm/19.8 x 25.8 ins SIGNATURE: Titled and dated 'St-Raphaël 1908' (lower right) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • For Ken, painting is about three things. It is about revelation, communication and celebration. By revelation, he means giving people a way of seeing, revealing the world around them in a way they have never seen before, opening their eyes. By communication, he means revealing the world with a personal language, speaking directly in an instantly recognisable style. He wants it to celebrate life whether it be human dignity expressed by Velasquez or Cezanne, or the wonders of nature expressed by Corot and Monet. For Ken his main inspiration is light and it is through light that he wants to celebrate his world. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 50.5 x 61.0 cm/19.9 x 24.0 ins SIGNATURE: Signed 'Ken Howard' (lower right) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas  
  • Broadway

    by Charles Thomas Cox

    This work would have been painted circa 1890 & illustrates the left hand side of the road when travelling up the high street.  These cottages have been preserved & can still be visited . DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 15.50 ins x 19.50 ins SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Bringing in the Hay

    by Henry John Kinnaird

    Kinnaird often painted harvest scenes (as with this lovely example) in and around Surrey and Sussex. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 40.64 cms x 60.96 cms /16.00 ins x 24.00 ins SIGNATURE: Signed MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • The Market Place, Dieppe

    by William Lee Hankey

    William Lee-Hankey was born in Chester, England in 1869. Hankey is notable for his paintings of French harbour scenes, figurative subjects and English country life. This painting is a wonderful example of this, as Hankey depicts the small, fishing-port town of Dieppe in France, reflecting the beauty he sees in everyday life. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 49.5 x 59.7 cm/19.5 x 23.5 ins SIGNATURE: Signed MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • ‘The Burning of the Spa, Scarborough’ by the Belgian artist Alphonse Neumans (1853 to 1893) depicts the razing to the ground of the Scarborough Spa when it was consumed by fire on September 8 1876. Scarborough Spa was officially opened in 1858 after the discovery of the health-giving waters on the coast, and drew vast numbers of visitors to the town. There is a note on the back of the painting that indicates that it was actually painted at the scene and so constitutes an important eye-witness account of the event that must have shaken the Victorian town to its core. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 29.0 x 60.0 cm/11.4 x 23.6 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and dated 1876 lower left, inscribed by the artist to an old paper label verso MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Robert Bevan drew inspiration for subjects for painting from the countryside. He formed the habit of spending the summer on a painting trip in various rural locations such as a cottage called St Ives in Kingston near Lewes, Sussex), or in Russian Poland with his wife’s family. His work at this time reflected his first-hand experience with recent French art during his travels on the continent. Oil paintings and watercolours of agricultural scenes of the South Downs or Poland provided motifs with which to explore his concerns with the effects of light and the use of colour. Philip Hendy (later Director of the National Gallery) claimed that Bevan was the first Englishman to use pure colour in the twentieth century and was the ‘real pioneer’ of the modern English school. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 34.0 x 25.0 cm/13.4 x 9.8 ins SIGNATURE: Studio stamp verso MEDIUM: Ink and wash
  • Garden at Cookham

    by Daphne Charlton

    Born in 1909, Daphne Charlton studied painting at the Slade School of Art. She married George Charlton, a fellow painter and teacher at the school, and the pair moved to 40 New End Square in 1932. In 1939, the Charltons became friends with Stanley Spencer, who had also studied at the Slade School of Art, who often visited them at their home in Hampstead. Daphne Charlton and Spencer sat for paintings for each other, and it is believed that they had an affair. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 51.0 x 61.0 cm/20.1 x 24.0 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and inscribed verso with label of New England Art Club MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Once determined on an artistic course, Williams’ passion for work was all-consuming and there was never any question as to his subject matter, with the landscape before him demanding to be drawn or painted. Venice, in particular, had always been an inspiration for Williams, first learning about Venetian painters like Canaletto and Guardi at Slade Art School, as well as those who visited including Monet, Turner and Sickert, to then being able to see the works he had admired for years in person, with his first visit to the city in 1950. As Williams states: I had always loved its exuberance and lack of inhibition and now I was able to see some of the greatest paintings in the world’. Thus, Venice went on to be a place that inspired the artist for more than half a century, producing many paintings in a variety of media: oil, watercolour, drawings and ink. He was fascinated by the way the light mirrored on the ever-present water and the elegance of the city, but also chose to depict the more unseen angles of Venice unlike his peers. As with this ink drawing, The Doges Palace and Grand Canal Venice, Williams depicts a view of the city at night time, still maintaining his distinctive style by painting the mirrored light of Venice in the colours of North Wales, using dark tones and loose brushstrokes, putting his own impression on Venice. Although, you can still see the effect of light as the dominant feature. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 12.2 x 18.9 in./ 31.0 x 18.9 cm SIGNATURE: Monogrammed lower right MEDIUM: Ink on Paper    
  • Portrait of a young woman

    by Paul César Helleu

    Paul César Helleu worked as a painter and an engraver in France at the turn of the century. His work epitomises the charm and elegance of French culture at the time – the belle époque – with all its verve and focus on fashion. Whilst he was renowned for his portraits of society ladies on commission, and those of his childhood sweetheart who later became his wife (Alice Guerin). DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 43.18 cms x 30.48 cms /17.00 ins x 12.00 ins SIGNATURE: Signed and inscribed 'To Alice' MEDIUM: Black and Sanguine Chalk  
  • This charming painting depicts a curated garden in summer, and is by Hans Iten, the finest flower painter of his time. The garden is flooded in bright sunlight, while the trees in full leaf cause dappled shade. The composition makes the picture seem as though it is being viewed through a window, the tops of the trees projecting out of the picture plane. This gives the viewer the sense that they are experiencing the view through the trees in real life. DIMENSIONS: (unframed)53.3 x 67.3 cm / 21.0 x 26.5 ins SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • Blampied put his hand to a variety subjects, the most dear are his scenes of domestic idiosyncrasy that depict life on the farm and small town and those that show the bond that develops between people of a close knit community.  He was a keen observer of everyday life who clearly enjoyed the quirks of human nature, even within amusing stereotypes.  Blampied’s humor is as precise and delicate as his line work.  His charming depictions rendered in a flourish with a skillful hand, float in and out of existence on the page like a cherished memory. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 8.0 x 11.5 in./ 20.32 x 29.21 cm SIGNATURE: Signed 'Blampied' and dated (lower right) MEDIUM: Oil on board
  • A Peaceful Autumn Afternoon, 1965

    by Sir William Russell Flint

    Sir William Russell Flint, one of the most celebrated British painters of the 20th century, has enjoyed almost constant popularity since the 1920s.  His best work reflects a genuine greatness in watercolour technique . The Times’ obituary paid tribute to his exceptional mastery of the watercolour medium: ‘Sir William Russell Flint, RA, who has died at the age of 89, will be chiefly remembered as a watercolourist of remarkable technical skill. Though he painted also in oils and tempera and produced a considerable number of etchings and dry-points, his most characteristic works were watercolour landscapes and figure compositions, elaborately carried out and displaying great virtuosity, in the gradations of a wash and a special manner of enriching its effect by taking advantage of a grained surface paper’. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 9.0 x 12.0 in./22.9 x 30.5 cm SIGNATURE:Signed lower left: W Russell Flint, signed again, titled and inscribed verso: Loch Nan Uamh (Western Highlands) MEDIUM: Watercolour
  • Lionel Rouse had a fantastic ability to capture the movement and speed of these impressive motor cars. This painting depicts the Delage 15 S8, one of only four 15 S8s ever produced. The Delage 15-S-8 (or 15 S8, or 155B), famously driven by Robert Benoist, was the most successful Grand Prix car of 1927. DIMENSIONS: (unframed)31.1 x 39.4 ins/79.0 x 100.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Acrylic on board
  • Lionel Rouse had a fantastic ability to capture the movement and speed of these impressive motor cars. This painting depicts the Talbot-Lago T26C, the car  made its competition debut at the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix. The first major victory came at the 1949 Belgian Grand Prix with Rosier at the wheel who didn't stop for the entire three and half hours. DIMENSIONS: (unframed)23.4 x 35.4 ins/59.5 x 90.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower left MEDIUM: Acrylic on board
  • Lionel Rouse had a fantastic ability to capture the movement and speed of these impressive motor cars. This painting depicts the Mercedes W125, the car was used by Rudolf Caracciola to win the 1937 European Championship and W125 drivers also finished in the second, third and fourth positions in the championship. The W125 was considered the most powerful racing car ever for about 3 decades. DIMENSIONS: (unframed)17.5 x 35.4 ins/44.5 x 90.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right and dated 1974 MEDIUM: Acrylic on board
  • Lionel Rouse had a fantastic ability to capture the movement and speed of these impressive motor cars. This painting depicts the Mercedes W125, the car was used by Rudolf Caracciola to win the 1937 European Championship and W125 drivers also finished in the second, third and fourth positions in the championship. The W125 was considered the most powerful racing car ever for about 3 decades. DIMENSIONS: (unframed)31.1 x 39.4 ins/79.0 x 100.0 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Acrylic on board
  • British Men-o-War Coastal Scene

    by John Thomas Serres

    Both son and pupil of the prolific maritime painter Dominic Serres (1722–1793), John T. Serres benefited from his father’s artistic connections and exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy between 1780 and 1825. His reputation for draughtsmanship was rewarded with the appointment of Master of Drawing at the Royal Naval College in Chelsea. Further recognition followed as he replaced his father as Marine Painter to the King, while in 1800 he became Marine Draughtsman to the Admiralty. John Thomas Serres was soon travelling by sea throughout the expanding empire, particularly in the Mediterranean, recording coastlines and documenting enemy positions. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 10.0 x 14.0 inches/ 25.5 x 35.5 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Watercolour
  • In 1970, Hambourg was sufficiently well-known to be granted a retrospective of five hundred paintings at the Maison de Culture in Bourges, and exhibitions and commissions continued all over the world until his death. The Normandy coastline remains one of the most collectable subjects of Hambourg’s career. Today his works can be found in the collections of museums such as the Musée National d’Art Moderne, the Musée National de la Marine, and the Musée des Arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 8.8 x 13.8 in./22.4 x 35.1 cm SIGNATURE: Signed 'A. Hambourg' (lower left); titled and inscribed (verso) MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • 5642-anshelm-Schultzberg-winter

    Winter Twilight

    by Anshelm Schultzberg

    DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 20.5 x 28 in./ 52.1 x 71.1 cm SIGNATURE: Signed lower right MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
  • 5637-gustave-Jacquet-the-french-coquette

    The French Coquette

    by Gustave Jean Jacquet

    Here Jacquet has used fine brush stokes to capture the muse's delicate features and translucent skin. He has added a splash of colour with her yellow dress, blue neck tie and flowers in her hair. He has skilfully captured this elegant ladies beauty. DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 15.6 x 12.4 in./39.5 x 31.4 cm SIGNATURE:Signed and artist stamp on stretcher verso MEDIUM: Oil on canvas