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L S Lowry art for sale


‘Harbour with Fishing Boats’ by L S Lowry

Oil on board
8.25 x 10.5 inches
Signed and dated (lower left)


Laurence Stephen Lowry had a lifelong fascination with the sea and sketched and painted seascapes throughout his long career.

Juxtaposed with his bustling industrial scenes filled with scurrying figures, Lowry’s seascapes are imbued with a sense of calm and nostalgia for childhood holidays on the North West coast.  He liked to travel along the Fylde Coast,  a coastal area of western Lancashire, not too far from his hometown.

Indeed, the artist’s mother, who never liked his industrial work, only once voiced any praise for a painting – another scene of boats at Lytham that Lowry was to hang in his bedroom for the rest of his life. This beautiful oil exemplifies Lowry’s masterly use of flake-white, here employed as both sea and sky almost merging into one; the yachts providing notes of colour and movement against the shimmering, light-filled sea.

May 17th is nearly upon us, I’m sure some of you will be sailing away to foreign climes, or perhaps venturing further afield around the United Kingdom. If you do happen to find yourself in the beautiful Cotswolds, we are currently exhibiting a fantastic selection of artwork including this extraordinary oil, and would be delighted, as always, to see you.

In this week’s newsletter, we are also giving you the opportunity to explore our art advisory, Cotswolds. If you are looking to consign your artwork then please fill out the form with more details in our Gallery News section below.

Henry Moore Artwork for sale


‘Upright Motive: Maquette No.6’

12.0 ins
Cast by 1965

Edward Sego Honfleur



Oil On Board
20.1 x 24.0 ins
Signed ‘Edward Seago’ (lower left)


Reclining Figure, 1980

Watercolour and chalk
6.0 x 11.0 ins/ 15.24 x 27.94 cm
Signed and dated ‘Moore. 80’ lower left


We are privileged to be working with some hugely talented contemporary artists, all of which are on display at our Contemporary & Modern gallery.

As we see bursts of colour coming through now Spring is in full swing, who better to focus on than Columbian born artist Astor Milan Salcedo. Astor intends his pieces to be a visual journey for the soul, something for the observer to indulge and lose themselves in. Astor Milan Salcedo began his working life as a fashion/portrait photographer, before progressing to an award-winning career in documentary filmmaking.

In 2004 he worked as a Creative Director in the world of fashion on commercials for Hugo Boss, Gucci and Swarovski. In 2009 he won the highest award in German television, Deutscher Fernsehpreis for his documentary ‘Die Bombe’. Driven by his passion for art, painting became his focus in 2012. Astor’s abstract paintings and overpainted photographs centre on mankind and it’s vital relation to nature. He is fascinated with our struggle for a balanced life and our constant pursuit to reach personal happiness.

His work today shows an expression of his inner feelings. He paints by applying multiple layers, inviting the observer to dive into the colours and explore the shapes and forms on the canvas.

‘Two Sides of the Story Part 3’ by Astor Milan Salcedo. Oil on canvas.

art advisory cotswolds
art advisory cotswolds


Here we would like to highlight one of our services!  As one of the leading fine art specialists in the United Kingdom, Trinity House Paintings are always receptive to private consignments of the finest works of art and sculpture.


We understand the trials and costs of selling your artwork through various channels. Therefore we have tried to simplify the process.

Our team of experienced art professionals can assess your artwork and work with you to establish what you as a client are looking for with regard to timeline and value and what we can strive to achieve for you if we feel there is a market for it.


Not only do we have our galleries in The Cotswolds and Tiberon, San Francisco, as well as a strong online platform presence but also have a large international network of prospective buyers with whom we have long-established professional relationships.

Trinity House Paintings: Art advisory, Cotswolds.

If you are interested in consigning, please contact us [email protected] or give our gallery experts a call on T: +44 (0)1386 859 329

Alternatively, please fill out the form below and we will contact you, providing you with all the information you need on our consignment processes.

We look forward to helping you.

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Although Henry Moore is best known as a sculptor, drawing was critical to his artistic practice.

Drawing was essential to Moore as a tool for close looking: “Drawing, even for people who cannot draw, even for people not trying to produce a good drawing, it makes you look more intensely … Just looking alone has no grit in it, has no sort of mental struggle or difficulty.‘

Reclining Figure, 1980’ is illustrated in this particular volume and is illustrated on p. 119.

Henry Moore


His 1980s Late Drawings depict individual images which  link to Moore’s sculptural practice, also to significant events in his life and often, although not always explicitly, to particular objects elsewhere in the studios, house and gardens.

In the last years of his life, his ill health meant he could not make sculpture, and drawing became more important than ever.

He leaves us with a real sense of  joy and energy  found in the medium of drawing, as well as a real appreciation of the respect and tenderness with which he approached the human body as a vehicle for communication in his artistic practice.


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Wishing you a wonderful weekend, until next time…


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