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More Than a Name: Jacques Martin-Ferrières


More Than a Name: Jacques Martin-Ferrières

Early Life

Jacques Martin-Ferrieres was born into a family where the arts were highly respected. His father was the renowned pointillist painter and impressionist Henri Martin, for whom Martin held the greatest adoration.

He received lessons from his father but feared that his own work would face criticism for being “the son of…” And so he didn’t draw attention to this fact. He need not have worried though, as his own artistic career was incredibly fruitful.

As you might imagine, Martin-Ferrieres received an excellent education. […]

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Barques dans le port, 1924


Jacques Martin-Ferrières painted mostly still life’s and landscape scenes, often travelling to a variety of places and painting everywhere he went. This tranquil painting depicts a peaceful scene of boats docked in a harbour, basked in golden light. Light and warm colours fill the background of the painting, as the golden light playfully bounces off the cool tones of the water. The quick brushstrokes, paired with the romantic scene evoke a sense of romanticism and imbue the feeling of a warm summer’s day in the south of France.

DIMENSIONS: (unframed)50.0 x 64.7 cm / 19.7 x 25.5 ins
SIGNATURE: Signed and dated […]

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Neiges dans les Abruzzes, 1921


In this pointillist winter landscape, Martin-Ferrières depicts the monumental mountains located in the Italian region of Abruzzo, focusing on one of the mountain-tops with the snow swirling around what could be a castle or a church. The artist’s superb sensitivity of colour is demonstrated within the painting as at the forefront the subtle harmonies of blue and violet are contrasted with the lighter background hues of pinks and creams, creating a stunning composition of animation and the tantalising effects of light.

DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 15.0 x 18.9 ins./ 38.1 x 45.7 cms
SIGNATURE: Signed and dated lower right
MEDIUM: Oil on board


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Still Life, 1923


Jacques Martin-Ferrières painted mostly still life works and landscape scenes, often travelling to a variety of places and painting everywhere he went.

Dimensions: (unframed) 65.5 x 86.4 cm/25.8 x 34.0 ins
Signature: Signed ‘Martin Ferrieres’ (lower right)
Medium: Oil on canvas

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Reflections c.1930


DIMENSIONS: (unframed) 32 x 26 in./81.3 x 66 cm
SIGNATURE: Signed upper left
MEDIUM: Oil on canvas

Jacques Martin-Ferrières continually painted subjects of landscapes and nature within Southern regions of France, usually standing out for his vivid use of colours and excellent skill. He gradually became known for his technique of thick application of paint, applying layers to the canvas in a freer brushstroke, to create balanced compositions of animation and tantalising effects of light. We can see this in the painting Reflections, as he reflects the light off the water of a river, with subtle […]

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Cologne Fine Art & Design 2019


Trinity House Paintings is delighted to be exhibiting at Cologne Fine Art & Design this November 21 – 24, 2019, 11 am – 7 pm.

About the show

For its 50th edition, Cologne Fine Art & Design is once again bringing an extraordinarily inspiring mixture of art and design to the cathedral city. The list of exhibitors includes famous dealers with first class exhibits from a wide range of epochs and styles, many of them are long-term exhibitors, however some of them are returnee exhibitors or newcomers.

Over 100 […]

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Bringing The World To You . . . Online Exhibition




About The Online Exhibition

This is a very unusual situation that we are now all faced with. Therefore as travel restrictions are placed upon the world we would like to share a wealth of positivity and beauty by bringing you our online exhibition, Bringing The World To You, a selection of artworks painted around the globe to you.


Bringing The World To […]

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